Harmonization and Pre-Standardization of Equipment, Training and Tactical Coordinated procedures for First Aid Vehicles deployment on European multi-victim Disasters.


Will increase EU overall resilience and effectiveness in cross-border disasters with multiple victims by enhancing transnational and cross-sectorial trust among different players and in their interaction with data-driven technologies.


The integration of the harmonized solutions will constitute the SIGRUN platform, providing advanced communications, information sharing and tactical C&C services for the first-aid responders.


Four use cases will be developed on cross-frontier and cross-sectorial BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) scenarios, where the usual communications infrastructure could have been damaged, and emergency response teams are deployed without an accurate view of the operation environment.

VALKYRIES Project Concept

Concept & Approach

The VALKYRIES project will analyze, improve and develop infrastructures, protocols, and prompt data exchange standardisation and harmonisation tactics to increase effectiveness and interoperability in cross-frontier and cross-sector emergency situations. Through the project, tactics based on rational reasoning will be explored to track and analyze related standardization, regulation, certification and harmonization needs, which will be applied to existing solutions with the aim of closing regulatory gaps and acceptance of opportunities derived from the digitization of the sector, thus reinforcing the sustainability and competitiveness of the EU markets.

Project Approach:

An OODA approach is going to be introduced for solving the targeted harmonisation identified challenges, where:


Resembles the acquisition of preliminarily factual knowledge.


Reasons on the best hypothetical approaches for addressing the discovered gaps and materialize opportunities.


Selects the most suitable harmonisation vias and applies them on a reference integration.


Coincides with deploying, evaluating and contrasting the assumed hypothesis based on the achieved analytical and empirical results.